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About Us

Company Profile

Shield Mac Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of copper braids / braid assembly etc. and a range of other related products suiting to varied electrical applications. The varied applicability of the products require high class, dynamic and flexible production and business acumen with broad outlook towards quality.

Though the company is 10 years young. It maintains the maturity to understand and handle customer needs for higher transmission efficiencies. They have been supplying their products having 100% rating with all the customers operating onISO 9000 series and the company has been given self certification for their supplies.

Quality Control

Quality of the products manufactured is upheld by continuous in house inspection and quality assurance procedure. While customer designed inspection are standard practice whenever required. Batch integrity and identification are maintained and certificates of conformity are issued as required. Versatility and technical expertise are key components for producing high quality custom braids, strands & connectors.


Shield Mac Industries welcomes all opportunities to assist in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of copper braids, strands, wire rope and flexible connector etc., If your requirements include similar material that is not listed herewith,

 please contact us to review your specific needs



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