About us

We are manufacturer and exporter of Tinned Copper Braid, Flat and Tubular type, Knitted Flat & Tubular Mesh, metal Canister, Support Ring, Constant Force Spring, S.S. Channel, worm drive clamp and Earthing Accessories for Heat Shrink Cold Shrink Premoulded and cast resin joints and termination.

Our Owner Mr.Mukesh K. Shah is having an experience of 3 decades in manufacturing and exporting of tinned copper flat & tubular (shielding) braid, tinned copper wire kniited flat & tubular mesh, binding wire supplied locally & exported to many countries worldwide

Quality Control

Quality of the products manufactured is upheld by continuous in house inspection and quality assurance procedure.We have a complete in house facility with all required test certificates While customer designed inspection are standard practice whenever required. Batch integrity and identification are maintained and certificates of conformity are issued as required. Versatility and technical expertise are key components for producing high quality custom braids, strands & connectors.

Manufacturer & Exporter of

  Tinned Copper Braid
  Flat & Tubular Type
  Knitted Flat & Tubular Mesh
  Metal Canister
  Support Ring
  Constant Force Spring
  S.S. Channel
  Worm Drive Cup & Earthing Accessories


Shield Mac Industries welcomes all opportunities to assist in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of copper braids, strands, wire rope and flexible connector etc. If your requirements include similar material that is not listed herewith,

Please contact us to review your specific needs